I love creating games and I have been making games in my personal time either by myself or with more people, working both on programming and game design.

Here are the games and demos I have worked on and like the most.

Tower of Elements

Windows Store
Source code

Tower of Elements is a puzzle-platformer that defies you with logic games to overcome the obstacles of this misterious tower. Control the four elements and get to the top!

Developed in Unity3D and released for Android (now defunct), Windows Phone, WebGL and desktop

Galaxy Survivor

Google Play
Source code

Explore the galaxy, upgrade your ship with awesome skills, avoid the asteroid fields and get all the stars!

Developed in Unity3D and released for Android

Rampage of Technology #ld36


A mad hipster wants to be the biggest hipster ever and YOU are the next victim! You will play as a cassette, a discman or the legendary Nokia 3310 to run away from the hipster and save your own life!

Developed during the #ludumdare36 in Game Boss 2016 in Unity3D

Capture the Pixel #lowrezjam2016

Source code

A very low res multiplayer shooting arena game, where two teams must get hold of the Pixel before the time runs out.

Developed during the #lowrezjam2016, client in Unity3D and server in Node.JS

Monster Panic

A prototype social game themed around capturing monsters developed during my internship in Akaoni Studio

I remember this game fondly as it was the first big scope game I fully programmed by myself, the client was programmed in Unity 3D and it had a custom backend written in C++.

Sadly I haven't preserved anything from it, just these screenshots.